Welcome to Korean Culture Camp!

KCC Registration is now CLOSED for 2019.
Camp will be held July 15 - 19 at Oak Grove Middle School.

For a great week of Korean culture, history, language, art, dance, martial arts, and food! KCC is a non-profit organization entering its thirty-second year. Our family of current and former campers, teen helpers, teachers, and volunteers continues to grow. Our campers include adoptees and their siblings, children of former adoptees, first-generation Korean Americans and their children, and anyone interested in learning more about the Korean culture. Our doors are open to all!

KCC was created to give children exposure to their Korean culture and heritage instilling a greater sense of their cultural identity and ethnic diversity. We provide a diverse, challenging and fun curriculum for our campers which includes:

•Learning about Korea—its history and culture
•Learning the Korean alphabet and language
•Participating in self-esteem classes
•Gaining agility, balance and discipline in our Tae Kwon Do classes and traditional Korean dances
•Singing Korean music and the Korean National Anthem

Being the ethnic majority affords our campers an opportunity to feel safe, try new adventures and share their experiences about the joys and challenges of being their culture.



The Positive Impact of Teen Helpers

KCC receives requests from former campers who want to continue to be involved in KCC by volunteering. Our teen helpers are a group of wonderful role models who act as camp counselors to the campers. They assist in teaching traditional Korean songs and dances performed by campers at our Saturday program.

KCC is run by Volunteers
There is a particular need for full-week volunteers and we especially appreciate volunteers who are flexible enough to serve where the need is greatest. You might want to check at your place of employment to see if they offer “volunteer days” (rather than needing to use vacation time) or offer matching donations.

The Pride and Splendor of the Saturday Gala Celebration!
Every year camp concludes with a Saturday program that provides an opportunity for the campers to show some of the Korean culture they have learned during the week to friends, parents, and grandparents. The program includes performances by all of the campers which include traditional Korean songs, the splendid gala of traditional Korean dance and the Tae Kwon Do demonstrations.

The Joys of Melon Bars and Korean Gifts!
At the end of each day campers have the opportunity to purchase special Korean snacks, including the infamous melon bars.

The KCC Family
Selected by Hong Joo Lee, our camp teachers are Korean and Korean American adults who thrive on interacting with and educating children. They design curriculum to educate and excite our campers about Korean culture, heritage, history, dance and martial arts.

Each class is staffed with two homeroom aides, parents of campers who accompany the children, provide a point of contact for the drop off and pick-up of children, and keep at the end of each day. Campers have the opportunity watchful eye on the kids to ensure everyone acts in a safe, respectful manner.

Our tireless aides are assisted by two teen helpers (former KCCcampers) who manage and mentor the children and provide a hand to hold or a soccer partner.

The lifeblood of KCC is you, the parents. Without your involvement KCC would not be possible.