Eligibility Camp is open to children who will be starting kindergarten through completion of sixth grade.

*If you need to update your mailing address, send an email to kccmn.org@gmail.com

*A full refund will be given for cancellations made on or before June 30th. Send email to kccmn.org@gmail.com to request a cancellation. Please allow two weeks to receive the refund. Refunds will be given in the same form as payment was made, either by credit card or paper check.

Have a teen camper? Check out Korean Teen Camp which is open to teens who have finished 7th to 11th grade.

Goal of Korean Teen Camp is to help teens connect with other teens so they can learn more about their Korean heritage and share experiences. Teens will build self confidence as Korean adoptees or Korean Americans and develop a sense of leadership and community though fun activities and experiences.

If you need a way to mail in your registration via snail mail please email us for instructions:


If unable to complete registration online, your paper registration should include:

¦___ A completed official registration form
¦___ A check for $170.00 per camper if mailed in by March 14 midnight for Early Bird Discount
¦___ A check for $180.00 after March 15 or $25.00 for teens
¦___ A self-addressed stamped envelope (to notify your placement in camp)

Volunteer opportunities available are:
* Classroom Aide
* Art Room
* Kitchen
* Dining Room
* Playground
* Sibling Care
* Nurse/Nurse Assistant
* Snack Sales
* Security
* Set-Up
* Clean-Up
* Saturday Program Security

Parent/Young Adult Volunteer

Homeroom Aide
Attend orientation meeting prior to camp and attend all of the classes with your campers. Participate in classes as requested by the individual teachers. Maintain order in the classes for the teachers and be welcoming to all campers. Help ensure a great camp experience for all at camp, including campers, teachers and other volunteers.

Volunteer hours: Be in the homeroom by 9:00 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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Art Room
Help organize and prepare supplies and materials for art teachers – cutting, sorting, counting, problem solving, and assembly of art projects. Help set up art display for Saturday program. Work in Art Room Prep area.

Volunteer hours: Following morning drop-off to afternoon pick-up.

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Help prepare lunch for campers and volunteers, serve cafeteria-style lunch to campers and volunteers, wash dishes, and other kitchen duties. You will be on your feet most of the day in the kitchen. To comply with health regulations, you will be required to cover your hair and wear close-toed shoes. We also ask volunteers to bring their own favorite kitchen knife and cutting board for food prep.

Volunteer hours: Following morning drop-off to 2:50, or until kitchen is clean and dishes are done.

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Dining Room
Serve lemonade and water during lunch service. Clean tables and keep supplies stocked on tables. Lunch service generally runs from 11:00 to 1:30.

Volunteer hours: Following morning drop-off to 2:50 or until dining room is clean.

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Help with playground activities, including organizing outdoor games and assisting campers with craft projects.

Volunteer hours: From 9:15 until all equipment is put away, about 2:00.

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Sibling Care
Take care of younger siblings of campers whose parents are volunteering. Ages of children range from 2 – 4 or 5 years old. Take children to playground, lunch, and to watch tae kwon do and dance class. Help with play and art activities in Sibling Care Room.

Volunteer hours: Following morning drop-off to 3:00 pm., but flexible.

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Nurse/Nurse Assistant
Assist campers with minor medical needs. Prefer volunteers with nursing credentials.

Volunteer hours: Following morning drop-off to afternoon pick-up.

Snack Sales
Help set up and sell snacks to campers at the end of the camp day. As the snack sales area is very busy, volunteers need to have older children who can independently wait for their parent until after snack sales are finished, or find alternative care for younger children during snack sales.

Volunteer hours: From 2:15 to 3:25, but flexible.

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Walk the perimeter of camp and inside the building to ensure safety of campers. Approach non-campers as needed to be sure only campers are on site. Help with occasional setup, e.g. setting up risers for pictures.

Volunteer hours: Arrive at 9:00 for brief orientation the day of volunteering. Volunteers can work 1/2 days or full days for one or more days.

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Set-Up / Clean-Up
Set-up is completed the Saturday prior to start of camp. Arrive at Minnehaha Academy at 9:15 a.m. and help unload boxes of supplies, deliver to appropriate rooms, and help set up gym for assembly.

Clean-Up is conducted Friday 3:00 on last day of camp, and Saturday following the completion of the Saturday program and lunch. Help gather boxes from rooms and load in vans.

Saturday Program Security

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Teen Guidelines

If you are willing to be a teen volunteer, you must be willing to follow the guidelines outlined below. Please note that openings for teens fill up fast, not all applicants will be accepted.

¶ All teen volunteers must agree to work all five days and Saturday morning.

¶ All teen volunteers are responsible for their own transportation to and from Minnehaha Academy.

¶ KCC issued T-shirts and buttons must be worn all day and every day during camp.

¶ Since the purpose of the Teen Volunteer is to mentor the younger campers, teens agree to spend the entire camp day with their assigned class or area.

¶ Teens agree to be responsible, and to adhere to directions from the Homeroom Aides and Teen Coordinator.

¶ Teens agree to remain on the Minnehaha campus during camp hours.

¶ If any guidelines are not met, consequences will result – possibly including dismissal from camp.


Please direct any questions regarding the camp and our volunteer program to Cindy Hanson: 651-681-9227