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COVID-19 Update

To our KCC family and friends:

We hope you are all managing through this time. The Korean Culture Camp Leadership Team has met virtually the past few months and we're pleased to announce that we are confident we can safely hold camp this summer.

Camp dates are July 19 – 23, 2021 at Minnehaha Academy North Campus (3100 West River Parkway, Minneapolis). Registration is now open!

Our number one priority remains the safety and health of campers, volunteers and teachers and we will follow all CDC guidelines with regard to COVID-19 safety.

If you have general questions or concerns, please contact us.

We hope to see you this summer!

~The Leadership Team @ Korean Culture Camp

안녕하세요 - Welcome to Korean Culture Camp of Minnesota

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What Makes KCC Unique?

The Positive Impact of Teen Helpers

KCC is run by Volunteers

The Joys of Melon Bars and Korean Gifts!

The KCC Family

The lifeblood of KCC is you, the parents. 

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"The best week of the entire year!"

-Tracy M

"One of my favorite things is seeing my special camp friends each year."

-Nico, age 10

"I love KCC because the food is sooooo good and you can get Korean treats after camp! I like the art too!"

Ian, age 7